OmegaBrite Product Review

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I’ve never been great when it comes to taking vitamins and fish oil supplements, unlike my family who take theirs religiously. But recently, I came across OmegaBrite when doing a-bit of proactive research into everything supplement related and I decided to give them a try. Although I know I have a relatively balanced diet on a day to day basis I do feel like I might be slightly lacking in what we call “healthy fats” in some areas of my diet and to be honest I just felt intrigued to see if they really do make a difference :)

The thing that attracted me most to OmegaBrite’s formula is that their ratio of EPA to DHA was specifically formulated by doctors for so many different aspects of an individual’s health. Things like general emotional-well being, joint health, eye health and cardiac health were all taken into account – which to me all seem like things that in life, particularly later down the line can catch up with us if not looked after and nurtured! Now obviously guys I’m not saying that you HAVE to take supplements like these nor am I saying that you are 100% less likely to have health complications if you do take them BUT from doing some online reading it does seem to imply that doing so, does help decreases the chances/severity of certain problems which can never be a bad thing as we all get old sooner or later right?

Since taking the capsules for a couple of months I think one of the things I’ve noticed the most is that my joints seem to be much less achy after the gym or a day that is very active. Sometimes I spend a lot of time driving and can get a bad back or achy hips (had this since I was little as I used to do a lot of swimming back in my school days believe it or not ;)) and that definitely seems to have improved so I’m over the moon about that!

Pricing wise they are very reasonable and you can follow the link below to access all the different types of products OmegaBrite has to offer and find the one that best suits you but I would highly recommend them as a brand and I for one plan on continuing to take their products moving forward.

To get your hands on some of their products either visit their website or call them directly on 08000443224!

Lots of love as always,

Victoria x


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