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FullSizeRender-189I’ve spent the last few months feeling a little bit lazy and unmotivated when it comes to healthy eating and working out which has kind of made me a little sad. I mean, not that I have ever been a huge fitness fanatic but in recent years I have been far more conscious about what I am putting into my body each day but over the recent months I seem to have let that slip all together!

After moving out from home properly a few months back, living by myself, being totally and utterly accountable for my meals each day and with a busy lifestyle always out and about on the go I’ve found myself making some really poor choices. The ever tempting £3 meal deals that you can find almost anywhere are the worst right? or those fast food drive through takeaways that are just so easy come across on the motorway during a long drive…. burgh now I’m feel sloppy and sluggish just thinking about it! At this point I’m like DAMNNNN I MISS GOOD HEALTHY FOOD – SOMEONE HELP ME!?

And then, as if by magic, my food issues where answered around about 3 months ago when Muscle Food UK came in to my life and my goodness I am so glad I came across this brand! I’ve read numerous articles online by fitness professionals and people who really know what they are talking about and one common thing that you always come across when it comes to food and how they stay on track is the word ‘Prep’ or “preparation” aka this basically means cooking your meals, planning your food and getting it made up in advance ready for you to grab out of the fridge each morning.. errrrr why did I never think about actually doing this? well, mainly because to me that sounds like it would take an awful lot of time, time which I am not entirely sure I have to spend outside of work, blogging, gym, social life LOL 😉 but where there is a will there is a way guys!

One of the huge factors that drew me in to Muscle Food UK was after I looked through their website in more detail at all the products they have to offer and it is absolutely insane the range they provide, whether it be fresh meat selections, gym supplements, protein waffles, protein pizza’s to protein crisps you name it they have it and it is all made with fresh, natural ingredients that are good for you!! My current favourites from them are the protein pancakes, clean ready meals and frozen stir -fry selections because these alone make my food day SO much easier to manage and to be able to grab a ready meal out of the freezer that cooks in 6 minutes without stupid levels of saturated fats and a load of dodgey stuff is an absolute dream! They taste amazing, they fill me up and they make me food good – what more could you want? :)

Since using Muscle Food UK products I have learnt that meal prep is actually not all that hard, the meats/seafood you order are ready to go straight into the oven or frying pan, you can even get pre cut and seasoned sweet potato and various other veggies to accompany your chosen protein source which can all be cooked in no time at all – perfect to put into a tuppware to take to work or as an evening meal when you get home late. The ready meals come in all different versions – clean living, high protein, low fat, vegan – I mean it really is just incredible that we now have this kind of foods available at just the click of a button and at fabulously good value for money, it makes a healthy life so much easier to manage and maintain :)

Here are some pictures of the meals I have created using products from Muscle Food UK:


YUMMYYYYY is the only word I can use to describe the foods I have tried from Muscle Food and I cant recommend their products enough, I have noticed a significant improvement in how I look and feel about my body since taking more time to think about my diet and eating better foods with the help of their products. If your interested in seeing more or ordering for yourself you can find their full range using this link:

Happy & Healthy shopping <3

Love as always,

Victoria xx


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