Day 4 – TEAM Bootcamp Diaries

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Happy Tuesday darlings <3

A shorter post from me today as bootcamp was slightly more chilled as it was our active recovery day and after such a hard day of training yesterday it was so good to be able to give our muscles and joints some TLC so we can all be ready for another big day of training tomorrow!

Breakfast was at 8am so we all got a nice little lie in and I for one felt totally refreshed – couple of cups of coffee down the hatch as always and a wonderfully presented plate of mouth watering fresh fruit salad with flaked almonds on top was my kinda start to the day!! yayyy :) Post breakfast we had a very informative talk from one of the trainers Bear who spoke to us in detail about training, why we do it a certain way, what will work for us outside of camp and ideas of what we can all do when we leave that will actively fit into our busy everyday working lifestyles. This session really helped for me as I always feel like I don’t have the time or the real knowledge to know what I can do in the gym, Bear helped us to understand the benefits of all different types of training such as HIIT and LISS so I now fell like I have enough knowledge to plan my own work out sessions which thankfully is far less complicated than I had always imagined!!!

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As today was active recovery day at 10.30am we went on a long 7 mile walk around the countryside, stopping half way for a break overlooking a stunning lake where we were able to take a minute and enjoy our well earnt snack of apple and walnuts then returning back to camp at around 1.15 just in time for lunch at 1.30pm. Food was an absolute dream in camp today, I couldn’t have faulted any of the meals we had as it was all just delicious and fulling (sweet potato in mash or wedge form will ALWAYS been a hit from me!!) we then has a glute/core workout session with the trainers on the front lawn of the camp which was really good fun and really taught us all how to engage our cores and the importance of ensuring our form is correct when using weights/doing certain exercises in the gym. We did a range of exercises such as glute bridges, kick backs and planks which really mades us feel the burn! Final session of the day was over yipeeeeee 😉 for our afternoon snack we enjoyed a yummy paleo coconut cake followed by a very mind opening chat about life values with one of the bootcamp founders Craig – this talk really got us thinking about our goals in life and what we need to do to get to them, it made me think about what impacts my decisions in life and what kinda person I am in relation to my values, crazy how different we all our as individuals but so fascinating to share with one another at the same time :)

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Dinner time came round really fast again tonight (not really sure where these days are going tbh!!) and this was another fab meal, chicken curry with salad and sweet potato wedges – full to the brim and all showered it was herbal tea and blog post time and here we are, so happy to have had such a good and positive day at camp :) feeling ready to smash another hard day tomorrow with only two days left of my time here to go.

Hugs & Kisses,

Victoria xx


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