TEAM Bootcamp Day 1

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Hey lovelies,

So this is going to be unlike any post I have ever done and as you are all pretty aware by now if you’ve followed me from the start, I am not really the best role model when it comes to fitness and healthy eating! That being said, I recently decided that it was time for that to change, it  was time for a challenge, something to kick me up the backside to remember the importance of taking care of your body – so here I am, sat in my room in the middle of the Shropshire country-side having just survived what I can only describe as one of the most mentally and physically intense days of my life!

I arrived as a ‘late arrival’ as the other new campers had arrived last night so I met with the training team and was shown around before the campers all returned from their first session around 10.30am. I was introduced to them all shortly after their return and enjoyed a mid morning snack of celery and coconut milk soup (tasted better than it sounds!),  we then all headed off to the 2nd session of the day which was functional activities such as sprints, burpees, squats and press ups in rounds like 50 seconds on and 15 seconds off – THIS KILLED ME and at this point I was kind of feeling like what on earth have I let myself in for, it was hammering it down with rain and I was covered in mud but once it was finished I felt SO damn good not to mention proud of myself for completing it :)

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After our morning break was over we had session number 3 (well session 2 for me but 3 for everyone else) and this was more core work so we did rounds again of exercises like sit ups, plank, squats on a bench and jogging around a field and if it weren’t for the mega motivating trainers shouting at me to get lower on my squats I don’t know if I could have made it through the whole session LOL but thankfully I did we were then able to have some lunch which was a chicken salad :)

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2pm came round so fast and that meant we were all off for our last session of the day which was more of a fun style session where all played rounders in a field about a 25 minutes walk from the house – this was a good laugh and everyone had a giggle which was a nice way to end the day of training :) Getting back to the house, showering and in my comfies honestly never felt so good and with a very unfortunate coffee ban (except mornings) I had to make do with a flavoured green tea before enjoying our mid afternoon snack of mixed berry with a healthy style crumble topping (this was the highlight of my day food wise!)

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Dinner was at 6pm sharp which was to be another chicken salad with a beetroot dressing and I’m not gonna lie guys, at this point I was feeling so so hungry and trying to get my head around the fact I am not going to be eating again until breakfast was really hard but it’s day 1 and I’m not a quitter so it’s time to grab an early night so I can feel energised enough to smash day 2!

I’ll make sure I include some better pictures of the accommodation/camp grounds/exercising in tomorrows post sorry guys I didn’t get chance to take them this morning and today was kinda a lot to take in!!


Sleep Tight<3

Victoria xx


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