National Best Friend Day with PrettyLittleThing

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So National Best Friend day is here YAYY a day to truly celebrate and be thankful for all the special people in your life <3

Myself along with PrettyLittleThing have come together on this super cute collaboration so that I can share with you guys the story behind my friendship with my fellow blogging gal and bestie Kayleigh (KayleighJCouture on Insta)! I’m hoping you guys reading this will be familiar in some way with mine and Kay’s friendship (if you follow us on Insta then I’m pretty certain you are) as we have a thing for taking duo selfies and images together when we are out and about on our adventures hehe and they always seem to go down so well with our followers which is so nice to see and read!

How did we become friends?

So Kay and I actually met by pure chance at the Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards just over a year ago now as we were both nominated for a category :) I had already followed Kay on social media for some time and spoken to her via email as she did some blogger outreach at the time so I dropped her a DM on Instagram asking if she had planned to go to the awards ceremony with anyone and if not did she want to come with me, she replied saying yes she’d love to so we exchanged numbers and met up before the event and headed their together…. from that night I guess we just stayed in touch and a few other events came up that we were both invited to so we attended them together and well lets just say, the rest is history haha :)

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How do we support each other in the blogging world?

One of the main reasons I think Kay and I have become and remained friends is down to the fact we both support each other so much in what we do. Granted, meeting like minded people is always great and you always want to be around people who get and understand your life/goals no matter what your doing but blogging is kind of a little “different” and requires a huge amount of time out of your day to day life which alot of people may find annoying to be around because in all honesty we never really switch off!! Kay from day one was always willing to help me get those perfect insta outfit shots (which can sometimes take 400 attempts ha) and always open to giving me guidance in my work, that alone means so much in an industry like blogging and you will always want to hold on to that kind of friend :)


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How do our style’s compliment each other?

I actually think Kay and I have a very similar style, we always seem to choose items from brands that we work with that are similar to one another and we usually find ourself giggling as on occasions we have even chosen the same thing or had to send each other outfit pictures to avoid duplications haha! The good thing about this though is that when we see each other we can always raid the others wardrobe feeling confident we will find something we like and could wear of one another’s :)

For the looks we have put together for this post from PrettyLittleThing you can probably tell that we wanted it to be co ordinated (how cute 😉 haha) so we went for the denim/pinky vibes. We wanted to put together a day time, evening and bed time look so you guys can see what we would wear for all parts of the day!

For my day time outfit I choose the items linked below:

Skirt –

Bodysuit –

Jacket –

For Kayleigh’s day time outfit she chose the items linked below:

Shorts –

Top –


For our evening look we wanted to be GLAM, because that’s just how we are at any given opportunity, we both love any excuse to get dressed up! The dresses which we wore for our evening look need some serious appreciation!! How beautiful are they?!? They are from the insane Premium range on PrettyLittleThing’s website and they are literally just beautiful and mega figure flattering which is always a bonus as we are both girls with curves :) if your looking for a super special evening outfit, maybe for a birthday or wedding then you have to check out this range, you will fall in love and want them all be warned!

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You can buy mine and Kayleigh’s dress on this link:

Nothing beats a girls night in with your best friends right? Our bed time look was always going to have to consist of a matching slogan pj set wasn’t it *insert monkey hand over mouth emoji” hehe! Obviously we had to go for this set from PrettyLittleThing because, well Kay and I are both cute AF obvs and this is just perfect for a cosy girls night in! You can buy this pj set using this link:

Cute AF PJ’s

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I really hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post as much as we did making it, we have also done a Q&A which PrettyLittleThing have posted over on their blog so check it out to find out some more details about us individually –

A few last finishing words….

Friendship is SO important and good friends are sometimes hard to come by, so when you find them, people who truly understand you, support you and encourage you, never let them go. Appreciate them in every way you can and know that they will always be there by your side no matter what <3

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Happy National Best Friend day my lovelys!

Lots of love,

Victoria xxx


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