Ladies! Time to invest in yourself with the Smile Makers Collection

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Hey babes,

I’m so happy to be sharing this post with you guys today (mainly my female readers that is, haha no offence boys) as in my opinion this is something women of the world seem to feel embarrassed or nervous to openly talk about and I think it’s about time we were able to discuss the importance of female empowerment and sexual pleasure, even more so considering it is such a commonly known topic for men to discuss and joke about with one another!

Sex and sexual pleasure on a whole is undoubtably an important aspect of most (granted not all) peoples live, and it is a wonderful thing which we should be able to embrace :) For women, single or not it can often be SO hard to find what they like or what essentially works for them in the bedroom to enable them to gain the maximum possible level of enjoyment during sexual activity on their own or with a partner, and in many ways I think we can all agree that for men it isn’t quite as difficult to find their ‘spot’ and sometimes I think us women could just do with a little extra support 😉 so this is where Smile Makers comes in!

Admittedly I haven’t actually been someone to purchase ‘toys’ in the past, not because I have felt embarrassed but more because I was pretty uneducated on the whole market and what was available and only now at the age of 25, as a young single women have I really started to look into it and the benefits it can have on a persons sex life. So… recently I got my hands on two totally new products from Smile Makers, and this was the first time I have ever owned a sex toy so honestly I wasn’t really sure what to expect! I’ll apologise now in advance to those who are disappointed but I will sadly not be going into detail about my usage experience, nor will I be giving you guys a visual tutorial of how to use the products I am going to be mentioning below haha but one thing I will say is that I am genuniey impressed with the products, they are in my opinion definitely something all women should invest in at some point in their life either for fun, experimental purposes with a partner or just for pure personal pleasure (yep I said it! ha)!

One aspect I truly do adore about this brand is how clever and savvy they are with the names of their products, the packaging and the way they portray their brand is actually extremely professional and classy unlike some I have come across in the market which can leave you feeling a little un sure ha!

Let’s talk products! The brand offer a range of vibrators and lubricants, each has a different speciality or style to it to help meet everyones needs. Below I have listed the two products I have got from them and a little bit of information about them, I have also linked the main website at the bottom of this post so you guys can have a nose for yourself and see what other products they have to offer as these ones which I am going to be mentioning may well not be the best ones for you :)

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The Tennis coach

I mean what a cool name!!! This one is known as the “Gentle G Spot Vibrator” and the term the brand has used to describe its qualities I think is just brilliant:

He’s tanned, he looks mighty fine in a pair of little white shorts, and he sure knows what he’s doing with that forehand stroke. According to him, perfect play is about skillful aim, so after your sweat session at the net, there’s nothing quite like taking him back to yours for a little off-court, indoor action.

They have other vibrators available to buy with different focuses and names such as The Fireman and The Millionaire haha just pure brilliance!

You can purchase this product with this direct link –

The Stay Silky Serum

This serum is the second product I have from the brand and it is basically just a high quality lubricant for a softer and velvety interactive feel, which can absolutely be used both on your own or with a partner. This product has actually been selected by Cosmo as the ‘readers choice’ product and I can vouch for it when I say it really does do what it says on the bottle 😉 I particularly like that this product is condom compatible and water based with zero funky stuff added so it won’t cause any irritation at all!

You can purchase this product with this direct link –

Overall I am really happy with the products and would 100% recommend them to my friends, top quality at a great value with fantastically subtle packaging too!

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I hope you guys all enjoyed this post as much as I did writing about it and I hope it has encourage you ladies to take your pleasure in to your own hands (where needed of course) and enjoy the Smile Makers Collection :)

Their website:

Love as always,

Victoria x


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