My Allison Jeffery Skin Clinic Journey

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So guys I wanted to do another little update for you all following my last post about my first ever lip filler experience at the hands of the wonderful Allison at Allison Jeffery Skin Clinic – as you will have read in that post a couple of months ago I decided to go for it, after months of consideration and researching I went to get my lips done with Allison at her clinic in Brighton.

I won’t repeat what I have already explained to you all in another post but basically since then I have been back to see Allsion for a lip top up, this time we went a little bigger but only used the same amount of Juverderm filler that we did the last time, this was basically because I already had some filler still remaining :) Don’t get me wrong, I am so glad we went for the size we did first time round, Allison also wanted to make sure I didn’t rush into adding too much filler in too soon as adding more is easy but taking it out is not so fun!!

Anyway… I always wanted my lips to look fuller but not OTT Kylie Jenner style (not saying that that is a bad look btw just not for me) and I am beyond happy with my results so far :) no unevenness or lumpiness, they just generally suit my face shape and personally they make me feel so much more comfortable in myself! I’ve included below a couple of pictures of my before, during and after for you guys:

Before my first lip treatment:


After my first lip treatment:


Like I said before in my previous post, the results I have had speak for themselves and I cannot stress enough to you guys the importance of researching your practitioner in detail BEFORE you even think about letting them do your treatments! I myself and Allison have seen and heard of some terrible treatments which have gone wrong leaving girls and boys with horrible lumpy, uneven and unnatural looking lips, mainly because they have chosen to go with someone who offers a ‘good’ or ‘cheaper’ price and I mean guys COME ON?!?!… everyone knows that you get what you pay for and this kind of thing can potentially be life changing in a very very bad way if you are not careful!

I did also mention on my Instagram a little while ago that during my last visit to Allison I decided to go ahead and have another treatment which was Botox in my forehead. Now this again has been something I considered for a LONG time as I have always had such obvious wrinkles in my forehead any time I made a facial expression, to the point my foundation would literally crack and show visible lines in my forehead which used to drive me mad lol! It was, like my lips, something I was looking at but never felt 100% comfortable that I would find someone I trusted – until I met Allison and saw such amazing results first hand from clients who had had it done with Jane at her clinic. After I had had my lip top up with Allsion I had already booked myself straight in to see Jane so I jumped in to a separate treatment room and met with Jane who is a fully qualified nurse practitioner at the clinic to discuss what I was looking for, she talked me through the procedure and everything involved/what she thought would work for me and we went for it! The tiny injections were pretty much painless and it literally only took a few minutes. Jane injected the botox liquid into the tops of my forehead (about 4 seperate little injections) in specific areas and the botox then naturally runs down the forehead into the muscles to encourage the muscles to relax which in turn stops the wrinkles and creases from appearing. The treatment doesn’t work straight away, Jane explained to me that it takes a good few days or even weeks for the product to kick in and within what I think was about a week or so it did and I was like YAY! Haha 😉 BEST THING EVER!!!!!!

This procedure like all others however does come with risks and possible complications, I have seen some awful stories where peoples brows have dropped or lifted way too much due to too much product being used etc and this literally petrified me but I felt totally confident in Jane’s knowledge and ability and it showed in her work as mine turned out perfect with no issues at all! I am SO glad I had this treatment done and it is something I will continue to have at Allison’s clinic – if you yourself are thinking about it or have the same issues as I had then please get in touch with the clinic even if you just want to discuss it/arrange a consultation. These guys know what they are doing and I cannot recommend them enough! Have included some before pictures for you guys so you can see what I meant about my forehead before the treatment:

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I haven’t included “after” pictures of this treatment because honestly there is now absolutely nothing to show you, the muscles have relaxed and I now have no wrinkles or creases at all when I make certain facial expressions :)

I will be leaving it around 3 months before I go back to see Allison for a top up (which is actually going to be coming up in just a couple of weeks) so again I will be sure to post more images and be totally honest with you guys about my journey and experience. I hope this post has been helpful or informative in some way and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with my via email if you have any other concerns or questions :) or head over to the clinics website which I have linked below to see more images of their amazing work!

The Clinics website –

Contact number -01273 262600

Talk to you soon!


Victoria xx




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