The Perfect Getaway – Chewton Glen

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Oh Hello Monday, we meet again huh?! These weeks/months are just going so fast for me at the moment, don’t get me wrong I am absolutely loving how things are going for me right now, being busy is far better than wasting my days doing nothing but am I wrong to admit that recently I have just felt like I needed a little time out? I am so impatient with every aspect of life which is probably one of my main downfalls as a human being and that means that I can pretty much never just switch off and relax when my body kind of just needs it! I decided last week it was time to listen to my inner self and organise a mini getaway to somewhere secluded, luxurious and relaxing where I can refresh my mind and have some ‘me time’ which I am coming to realise is soo important in order to be successful at what you do!

The Location

Hidden away deep within the New Forest we came to find our luxurious treehouse escape at Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa. Truly, like no place I have ever experienced in my 25 years on this earth we were blown away from the moment we arrived at the large metal gate entrance. We knew just by looking at the immaculate grounds which surrounded us on our short drive down to the main hotel reception that this was going to be a memorable stay – Alice In Wonderland sprung to my mind!


(** two images above taken from their website all other images in this post are my own)

The treehouse’s, which are still part of the hotel, are located separately only a short walk away from the main hotel facilities, tucked in a peaceful and quiet location. The idea behind them I believe is to give guests a private forrest vibe combined with the luxury one would expect from a 5* hotel and spa and my goodness does it work!

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Some of the key facilities:

  • Outdoor hot tub on terrace with comfy seating and day beds
  • Wood Burner and log storage
  • Under floor heating
  • Mood Lighting
  • Forrest views from a tree canopy
  • King sized bed
  • Luxury breakfast hamper delieverd daily
  • Freestanding bath in bespoke marble bathroom containing flat screen tv

Welcome & Staff


Upon arriving at the main reception car park we gathered our luggage and made our way down to the main hotel reception to check in. Within a few short steps we were greeted by two members of staff with the most wonderfully welcoming smiley faces, both of them came to our rescue releasing us from our attempt to juggle our many bags and escorted us to where we needed to go. After 3-4  hand shakes with several other members of staff and extremely pleasant welcomes we were shown around the main hotels bar/ seating areas before we headed off to our treehouse. Although our treehouse was only a short walk from the main hotel we were kindly taken in what I can only describe as a golf buggy style motor – door to door service without lifting a finger! When we pulled up outside out “Number 1 Willow” treehouse we were taken inside and given a detailed tour of our suite – absolutely mind blowing! The attention to detail that was shown by the hotel staff was honestly one of the main highlights of our stay at Chewton Glen, the staff knew our names, our reservation times and all of our plans that had been organised for our entire stay. The hotel staff had even covered our collection/drop off arrangements for our spa treatments and dinner so we didn’t even have to think about calling up to ask for us to be picked up, there really was no stone left un turned and it almost felt like every possible thing we could have thought we’d need was already thought about and covered on our behalf.

The Spa

Once we had checked in and settled into our treehouse we were collected  and taken to the main spa as we had massage treatments booked in which was something I was particularly looking forward too, I have never been one for massages so this was a real treat for me :) After another lovely welcome we were shown to the spa changing rooms where we changed into our complimentary gowns and slippers before heading down to meet our therapists for the afternoon. 60 minutes later, some extra soft oil infused skin and a seriously relaxed mind we left the treatment rooms and headed to the spa restaurant area to enjoy a yummy healthy lunch consisting of fresh juices/smoothies, freshly made salads and fruit/dessert style selections. We then headed down to the hydrotherapy pool for some continued chill out time, as well as this they offer a huge indoor pool, an outdoor hot tub, sauna/steam rooms and 12 treatment rooms ensuring this spa has everything and more than you could possibly hope for when looking for somewhere to zone out and unwind!

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Admittidly at this point myself and Jess were getting extremely eager to return to our hideaway and make full use of our very own private terrace hot tube so we wrapped ourselves back up in our gowns and once again were taken in the golf buggy back to our treehouse. Taking full advantage of the audio systems and bluetooth connectivity we played some music, cracked open the bubbly and enjoyed the breathtaking surroundings in our tub :)

For anyone looking to just book themselves in for a Spa Day rather than an overnight stay that is absolutely possible and I linked the spa below:


Food! One of my favourite things in the whole wide world, nothing and I mean nothing makes me happier that good food and good wine 😉 so this section for me is always the most pressing haha!

As I have mentioned briefly above, the first experience with food Jess and I had a Chewton Glen was in the Spa Restaurant following our treatments. This was a buffet style lunch which was very very healthy and everything was freshly made full of colour and flavour. It’s funny really but following our massages we were both feeling absolutely starving and for some reason we were both really craving a healthy/wholesome lunch (if you know Jess and I personally you will know this is an unlikely occurrence haha) so we were pleased with what they had to offer!

Examples of some of the dishes we had:

  • Beetroot and goats cheese salad
  • Tomato pesto and mozzarella salad
  • Chickpea Salad
  • Rocket and Parmesan
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Fresh Smoothies
  • Fruit Salad

and so much more…….. YUM!

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For our evening meal we had a table booked in the beautiful main restaurant within the hotel grounds called ‘The Dining Room”. Before the meal we started in one of the several hotel bar areas not far from where we were to be seated for dinner, we both had the most incredible cocktails to start (almost too pretty to drink) before heading to our table. Something about the whole bar and dining areas within this hotel just oozed class and taste, once seated at our table we met our wonderful waiter for the evening Jamie who started by going through the specials and discussing with us the courses on the menu. After a strong 20 minutes going over the menu and giggling at the fact that Jess and I struggled to understand what most of the meals included (poor Jamie had to explain pretty much every course) we confidently made our decisions. We ordered some wine, enjoyed some fresh bread and awaited our courses to arrive – pictures of our meals are below:

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The food was absolutely exceptional and I am pretty sure the pictures speak for themselves, both Jess and I could not have faulted a single aspect of our dining experience, we both felt extremely full but very satisfied whilst finishing off the last few mouthfuls of our exquisite mango sorbet dessert. I highly recommend visiting the restaurant if you do ever visit the hotel even if you are not staying over night it is perfect for a special occasion in my opinion :)

Finally the last meal we enjoyed was to be in the comfort of our king sized bed overlooking the undisturbed woodland – breakfast was served through a cubby whole in a cupboard near the door of our treehouse, in the cutest hamper we were pleasantly surprised with a huge selection of breakfast foods ready and waiting to go. Fresh juices, smoked salmon and cream cheese, an entire fresh baked baguette, selection of pastries and yogurt compot…. we were positively stuffed at the end if this morning feast but it was heavenly to say the least!

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One thing I did also want to add to this dining section, although I was unfortunately not able to attend it myself, is that they have a fabulous new Cookery School opening tomorrow called “The Kitchen” run by Chef James Martin – here you can have bespoke and in depth lessons with the man himself along with several other incredible chefs, you can do this in groups and classes are even available for children.

If your in to your fine dining this is a must during your time at Chewton Glen :)

For more information on course pricing and further details on what the school has to offer then follow this link:

Final thoughts

Just WOW. Checking out and leaving our treehouse was extremely upsetting I must say… we had a truly magical time at Chewton Glen and to be honest I am not entirely sure anywhere else in the UK could even come close to this place! If your looking for that perfect getaway, with a lover, family member or friend then I cannot recommend this place enough!! I for one cannot wait to get back there for another break and I also plan on getting married here one day haha 😉 it was everything I needed to relax and get back into a good place ready for the daily challenges of life :)

I have linked the main website below and also a separate link to the section where you can book to stay in a Treehouse like we did:

Main website:

Treehouse Bookings:

Lots of love as always,

Victoria xx








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