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Hey my loves,

So it’s time for a little travel update following my trip to Morocco last week :) now this trip was one I had wanted to do for some time now, after seeing so many bloggers head there this year along with the insane images posted all over Instagram I was like I HAVE TO GO!!! When we finally got round to booking it I was so shocked at how cheap it was, in fact I honestly couldnt believe it, we booked our trip online and all together it was like £230 for flights, transfers and 4* accommodation – CRAZZZZZYYYYYY!

Anywayyyy… I’m going to try and keep this post as short as possible because I feel like it would be so easy for me to waffle on about my experience in Marrakech and really it isn’t fair for me to do that and paint a picture in your heads as I am sure everyone has had and would have different experiences to mine (I hope so at least).

Would I recommend Morocco to other girls like me for a holiday? I really don’t know is the answer!!!

Why? Well because in all honesty, the only time I felt truly safe and comfortable was when I was tucked away in the walls of out stunning Riad (hotel), completely away from the hustle and bustle of the city itself. It actually makes me really sad that I have to type this kind of review of my trip but I just want to be totally honest with you guys :)

Marrakech itself is an incredible place, like no place I have ever been to, the scenery is stunning (insanely blogger friendly) but the biggest downfall for me was the way the Moroccan people themselves behaved around us. Maybe it was because we were two blonde haired, blue eyed young British women, but there seemed to be something about us/the way we looked that facinated the Moroccan people to the point where they actually would not leave us alone, and I mean it was constant, everywhere we turned or looked they were approaching us, trying to touch us, saying explicit things to us and to be totally straight I felt smothered and on some occasions completely overwhelmed to the pointed I nearly felt a panic attack coming on!!!

As you may have seen on my recent Instagram posts the one thing I really could not fault about our trip was the Riad we stayed in which was called Palais Calipau in central Marrakech city, hidden away down the endless maze like ally ways we found a huge gold door which was to be the entrance to our sanctuary. Words can’t explain how beautiful it was, the decor was simply breathtaking, candles everywhere and a roof top terrace where we spent our evenings sipping wine and watching the sunset over the city. The hotel was the absolute highlight of our time in Morocco and I have linked our hotel at the bottom for anyone interested :)

A few tips for any of you who are heading to Morocco soon:

  • Do not entertain those who approach you in the markets – they will not stop if you engage with them, if you do not plan on buying things my advice is to simply keep your head down or not engage in eye contact with them. Some were nice but most were very intense and didn’t fully understand the words ‘NO THANK YOU”
  • Henna ladies and monkey men will encourage you to approach them, soon after doing so they will force their products onto you, and I mean FORCE them (one henna lady physically grabbed my arm and tried to apply henna without my consent in the hope I would then feel inclined to pay her) do not be fooled and do not entertain them or try to take pictures unless you are prepared to pay them!
  • Make sure you use reliable taxi’s – we only used taxis ordered by the owner of our hotel and he arranged a price for us as they will try and rip you off otherwise.
  • Avoid walking around on your own late at night – mainly cos it is just freaky and so easy to get lost!!
  • Make sure you book any excursions through legit agencies and not the men on the side of the roads who approach you, apparently they will take your money and they never turn up on the day so just be sensible and book the proper way :)

Places I would recommend you visit:

  • Cafe Arabe – this was the best meal and drinks we had the whole time we were there – use google maps to find it, it is very tucked away but your hotel staff will definitely know of it and should be able to advise you on how to get there. Great vibe, great cocktails (which are almost impossible to find) and great food at an insanely reasonable price! we paid £45 for 3 cocktails, starters and mains!!
  • YSL Gardens – this is kind of a must see, full of tourists at peak time so I would suggest going a little later in the afternoon as it was so hard to get pictures or anything without people being in your way and being a blogger that makes like super stressful haha 😉
  • Souks – these are the main markets in the central square – just something I think you need to do as it is an interesting vibe and lots of cool things to see! (the cobra snakes smoking cigarettes were the highlight of this experience for me lol)
  • Visit other Riads – the Riads are so beautiful and all of them are so unique – most have restaurants or spas which you can visit even if you aren’t a guest and they all feel very relaxing and safe :) I looked some up on Instagram before we went and decided which ones I wanted to see.
  • Le Salama Restuarant – just off the main square this was where we had our first meal – slightly more expensive but lovely food and a fun vibe with belly dances and traditional moroccan food!

There is SO much more you can do such as waterfall visits and camel rides but we just didn’t have time and also just felt a little unsure about it all during our stay so kind of stayed in our Riad as much as we could. Looking back I don’t think we did enough planning in advance and as a result didn’t fit in everything we should have done.

I hope this hasn’t come across in a bad way guys, but I just wanted to share my true experience – I am so glad I went to Morocco but I am just not in a huge rush to return, maybe I will with a boyfriend as I am pretty sure the attention would be far less aggressive if I had a man on my arms lol or even if we stayed in a proper resort outside of the city which would be more relaxed – either way as and if I do return I will probably try and do it a totally different way!

Our Riad –

If there is anything you want to know that I haven’t mentioned then leave a comment and I’ll happily help out where I can!

Lots of love,

Victoria xx





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  1. Alexandra Mae 5th March 2017 / 7:33 pm

    I found Morocco exactly the same babe – stunning in itself and incredible culture and food but life outside of the hotels are un nerving at times. I’m glad I have visited the YSL memorial gardens in my lifetime though as it was breath-taking! Hope you had a lovely time the photos are beautiful! I reviewed my visit briefly on the website if you want to read! It’s under travel – bucket list.


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