Just another girls day

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Good evening my loves <3 Today was a busy but good day :) I started my morning with a trip to see Allison Jeffery at her skin clinic in Brighton (more about this will come soon in a separate post so keep your eye out hehe) I then met up with my good friend Nadia (@nadiaxsaoudi on insta) and her friend Joya in the cutest little cafe ever in Hove called Igigi, when I called Nadia her words were “omg Victoria this place is so instagrammable your going to love it” I knew we were on to a winner haha 😉 the food was SOOOOOO good as you can see in the pictures! Nadia and I then went and did some outfit shots which is always a giggle especially when the weather is as sunny as it was today and then I came home to have dinner and relax on the sofa with a movie <3 BLISS! Hope you have all had a good day too!

Boots – 4th & Reckless 

Jumper – InTheStyleUK

Bag – Ralph Lauren (this is Nadia’s I stole it ha) 

Talk to you soon!

V xx


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