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Hair extensions for us girls can be such a pain in the back side and personally I have jumped between clip ins and proper bonded extensions for sooo many years now and honestly I think they both have their own valuable pros and cons!

I am not going to lie, I am so in love with the bonded extensions I have had for the last few months but in between re fits I do have a little time out and like to switch it up using some clip ins. I also sometimes add clip ins as well if I really want that extra fullness and volume :)

Bonded extensions are great but can be very expensive and understandably not everyone can afford to spend that money on getting them done and refitted every few months, naturally clip ins will always be the next best thing and in this post I wanted to share with you guys the brand I use on the days I want to wear some good quality clip in extensions.

LullaBellz are without a doubt my number 1 favourite brand to use when buying pre clipped extensions <3 I have ordered so many different sets before off various different retailers on eBay etc and honestly the quality doesn’t even come close! The amount of times I have ordered a set online using the ‘colour chart’ provided and they have arrived a totally different shade LOL I’m like errrr what? so annoying! One of the great things about LullaBellz is that their colour charts are real and a true relation to what the extensions actually look like in real life, not to mention the fact that their team are amazing!! I was so unsure when trying to decide that I contacted them about shade choices and they were so helpful, they asked me to send an unedited shot of my hair and the lovely team kindly matched me up and just told me what shade I needed to order :) when they arrived the match was spot on!!

They offer both human and synthetic hair extensions and until now I had never even considered using synthetic ones, I had always assumed Human hair was better but recently I have been using a set of their synthetic ones and I am surprisingly impressed with how they look and feel :) granted you do have to be careful with heated hair tongs as that can damage them but they come pre styled (curly, straight or wavy) so they are literally all set and ready to go as soon as you receive them. For those of you who do like to style your extensions with tongs I would say their Human hair clip ins may be better!

I’ve included below some pictures of me when I have been wearing both the curly and straight sets of extensions from Lullabellz :) now these are real life images, NOT just ones I have taken for this post!

Here I am wearing the Golden Blonde Synthetic Straight Clip in Set:


Here are some pictures of me when I have been wearing the Golden Blonde Curly Synthetic Set:



As you can see by the pictures, THEY LOOK SO REAL! nothing scares me more than being that girly walking down the road with hair extensions the wrong colour or unblended and just cheap looking but so many people don’t believe me when I first tell them these are clip ins, not to mention synthetic haha :) They offer you so much choice on their website in terms of colour and length etc…. they also let you choose how much hair you want so for example if you have very thin hair you can go for a full set or if you have relatively thick hair you could go for a 5 piece set, whatever suits you best basically :)

Pricing wise for the human hair sets they sell you are looking at spending around £75-120 (very reasonable considering they will last you a very long time!) and for the synthetic ones it is obviously a lot cheaper at around £25 which is just such a bargain!!

Here is there website for any of you guys interested in getting some yourself:

Hope this post has been helpful to you guys and I hope you love them as much as I do :)

Love as always,

Victoria xx




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