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Hey guys,

So if you read my blog often you will know that I have not so long ago done another post mentioning this brand before and since coming across Boxers-and-Briefs online I literally have fallen in love with their chill out sets which I showed you all in the previous post. Incase you have forgotten or haven’t yet read my previous post (which I have linked below) this brand offer genuine designer lounge and under-wear at really reasonable prices, they have a huge online store with so many choices from some incredible brands such as Huge Boss, Armani and Tommy Hilfiger! <3

I have luckily since then managed to get my hands on this stunning underwear two piece set by Tommy Hilfiger :) How cute is it!!! BUY HERE Literally so in love with these kind of sets at the moment, this style seems to be absolutely everywhere you look on social media and with bloggers at the moment, they are just comfy and I also find them really figure flattering – what more could you want right? 😉 (p.s. soz about the fake tan fail thats going on with my hands, it wasn’t instant otherwise I would have just washed it off haha it’s developed like this LOL *hand over eyes emoji*)


Just incase the half naked images of myself was not enough haha I have also popped some pictures below directly from their website to give you guys some examples of more styles/brands they offer incase this Tommy one isn’t your thing :)

Diesel Bralette:


Bjorn Borg Bralette:



Calvin Klein Bralette:



All of these styles plus many more come with matching bottoms in various different colours and sizes to suit all preferences so check out there full website which I have linked below if there is a particular style/colour you have in mind! Also, it is not just for women, they do sell mens pieces, so if you are maybe thinking of something to buy for your Dad, Brother or Boyfriend for Christmas then definitely have a look as they have a huge mens range too :)


Previous blog post:

Finally, I am so excited to be able to offer you guys my exclusive discount code: VH20 which will give you and amazing 20% off their entire website!!!

Happy shopping my loves <3

Talk soon,

Victoria xx


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  1. Holly Ann Clark 21st November 2016 / 9:13 pm

    Wow, amazing blog post! Really has inspired me to purchase some new underwear. Thank you for the links and discount code :-)

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