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Hey guys!

Just got home from such a nice day doing lots of blogger things with my babe Beth, we went to a place called Chichester to do what we do best aka gossip, eat large amounts of food and take pictures – it was SO MUCH FUN <3 I am feeling so positive at the moment, I really do feel like everything is finally going in the right direction in relation to my career, friendships and life in general to be honest – FINALLY!!!! You guys already know the ins and outs of the last few months/year of my life and all the bits that have changed so I won’t bore you with all that any more ha but honestly IT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD to have spent yet another day today doing what I love!

Anyway here are some pictures from today to show you guys what we got up to (outfit details as always will be listed at the bottom of the post for you guys :) )


Tomorrow is the Cosmopolitan UK Influencer Awards AHHHHHHH!! Got my outfit sorted today after panicking massively the last few days LOL… I’m going for something a little classier and more sophisticated on this occasion šŸ˜‰ now time to get myself fake tanned and prepped for the big event!!!

Leather Jacket – Your Shores

Jeans – Anita & GreenĀ 

Peach Frilly Top – Anita & GreenĀ 

Black Ankle Boots – Sole Wish

Cream Bag – Quiz Clothing

Grey Knit Jumper – Sainsburys (this is Beths so not sure if they still sell it there sorry lovelies)

Keep an eye on my snapchat and Instagram story tomorrow night and I’ll be sure to take you all along for the ride with me <3

Love as always,

Victoria xx



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