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SUNDAYYYYYY. yes, this day is legit everyones favourite day of the week right? The one day we can all eat whatever we want in mass portions, snuggle up on the sofa in your lounge wear and feel zero guilt for doing absolutely nothing or going out for a long autumn Sunday walk before filling our bellies full of a yummy roast dinner!

Sunday attire is of course a very serious thing! Sunday clothes for me, as well as everyday chill out wear, have to be sophisticated and classy but more importantly good quality and comfortable!!

Recently I came across the brand Boxers-and-Briefs online when searching for some new lounge wear/underwear and being the fashion addict that I am, I am always looking for high quality items without the hefty price tag that you often get with designer brands. When I saw the word ‘Designer’ at the top of their website at first I assumed it would be extortionately expensive but after scrolling down the page a little I was pleasantly surprised, the prices were actually very reasonable and extremely competitive :) Basically to sum it up in a nut shell Boxers-and-Briefs offer a huge range of designer underwear at a price that won’t make you fall off the chair 😉 They offer products from top quality brands such as Emporio Armarni, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Lacoste for men and women and all of their stuff is 100% genuine.

Below I have added some pictures for you guys of me in the gorgeous Emporio Armani Lounge set that I ordered from their website:


How cute are they?!!!! I was so happy when they arrived, you really can tell they are genuine as the quality is exceptional :) and an absolute bonus that they weren’t hugely expensive considering they are actually designer!! I have literally worn them every evening when I get home since they arrived so I think it might be time to order a couple more sets so I can wash these hahahaha!

Here are the links if you would like to buy this pant and top set for yourself:

Top –

Pants –

I really hope you guys do take the time to have a browse though their website and see the brilliant selection they have to offer and you can all thank me later 😉

Have a lovely Sunday babes!

Victoria xx




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